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XM [read review] is an online forex exchange broker with over a million clients worldwide. With its customers from 196 countries and staff members speaking over 30 languages. It offers forex trading, stock indices, and other trading services. It will be conducting webinars, which are web-based seminars using video conferencing software.

Time and venue of the webinars

The webinars will go on for six days by 28 Webinar instructors in 18 different languages. On the 25th of April 2017, at 17:00 (EEST). It will be conducted online under the instructor called Tradepedia in English. Because it's the first part, more lessons are to come later.

These web-based seminars will run up to June 27th, 2017, under the same instructor. It will be in different languages, so if you speak English or Arabic or even Chinese. You will be able to access these lessons. One should sign up correctly in the language he/she can understand.

Content to be taught

There will be a lesson on learning how to identify support and resistance points on your charts or even on somebody else’s. Here you will be able to understand their meaning and what causes them. It will also aid you in developing a foundation towards marketing analysis. It will be one of the greatest topics in the market as a field of expertise.

Objectives of the webinars:

• Determining critical price levels in any chart.
• Identifying the levels that are more important than others.
• Establish what is happening behind support and the resistance levels.
Requirements to gain access.
• Your full names.
• Your phone number.
• Your current location. The city you live in and the country as well.
• Your email address.

XM [read review] is willing to share its knowledge of forex marketing to its client. It will be of great importance to you if you venture in such like a business.

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